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Keeping fit isn’t easy, but your fitness is important to maintain a healthy body and life. We have some great articles to help get you motivated about your fitness, as well as some great tips and videos to make sure your doing the right things.

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  1. detox

    Summer lovin’

    When summer eventually does arrive GET OUTDOORS! Being outdoors can improve your general well being by large amounts, improving your mood as well as being a refreshing change to your exercise routine. Summer is the perfect time to take part in sports that winter refuses to let us to commit...
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    Popular gym exercises done incorrectly

    Popular gym exercises done INCORRECTLY!   So you’ve joined the gym, you’re feeling motivated and ready to take on the world!   NOT so fast! Many people are going to the gym and causing more harm than good by carrying out this common exercises in the wrong way, therefore not...
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    Men Vs Women in weight loss

    Several factors make weight loss for men easier than women, and unfortunately alot of it has to do with gender dieting habits as well as differences in body type, which means that women have to work harder to lose weight.   Body composition – Men tend to have more muscle...
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    Plank – the abdominal exercise

    The plank is a total tummy tone-up and is a great move for helping to improve posture and core strength, which in turn boosts strength in all areas of your body. It really works different layers and directions of muscle in your stomach, through to your back so it will...
  5. detox

    Chocolate milk for recovery

    Fat free chocolate milk beat carbohydrate sports drinks at helping to rebuild and refuel muscles after exercise!   Sounds too good to be true right? But recent studies have proved that fat free chocolate milk can actually be better for you than the recovery drinks you would usually have!  ...
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    Fuel for sport!

    Pre workout foods -   The food that you consume before your workout will help to fuel it and therefore maximise your efforts and results. If you fuel correctly, you will workout harder, which will lead to better and more effective results than if you are fuelling your body with...
  7. detox

    Quick calorie burners

    Fat blaster workouts: There are a range of exercise moves and techniques to know when you want to burn the fat and the calories at a quicker pace.   The best time to perform cardiovascular exercise is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach after drinking 16 to...