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Eating right is vital to your health and for a detox. Take a look at some of our great nutrition articles about supplements, detox foods, and more.

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  1. detox

    The truth about gaining muscle and losing weight

    Ignore body-builders and models!! For someone trying to live a normal lifestyle, there is no point following body builders, watching what they do, and trying to copy their diet or exercise techniques. What they do is completely different from what an ordinary person trying to get fit needs to do....
  2. detox

    How horror films can scare away the calories!

    BOO!   “When your heart beats faster and your pulse speeds up as a result of the horror movie, your blood is pumped around your body faster. This causes your body to release a surge of adrenaline, the same adrenaline that is produced during a short burst of stress–such as...
  3. detox

    Chocolate milk for recovery

    Fat free chocolate milk beat carbohydrate sports drinks at helping to rebuild and refuel muscles after exercise!   Sounds too good to be true right? But recent studies have proved that fat free chocolate milk can actually be better for you than the recovery drinks you would usually have!  ...
  4. detox

    Fuel for sport!

    Pre workout foods -   The food that you consume before your workout will help to fuel it and therefore maximise your efforts and results. If you fuel correctly, you will workout harder, which will lead to better and more effective results than if you are fuelling your body with...
  5. detox

    Coffee: health benefits

    In moderation, there are many proven health benefits of coffee that not many people know about. Some are more obvious than others, some benefits can be felt in everyday life, whilst others provide us with health benefits for the future, protecting against disease and health complications as we get older....
  6. detox

    Comfort food – healthier alternatives

    Sometimes we are all tempted to give in to the temptations of our favourite comfort foods. If we are feeling ill, lazy or just sorry for ourselves, there are some healthier alternatives to still satisfy, but at less of a cost to our weight and our health. Who knew breaking...
  7. detox

    Healthy Lunchtime Choices

    After January, the desire to eat healthily and maintain a healthy diet whilst balancing a busy schedule becomes increasingly more difficult. Here are some healthy lunch choices that are easy to make, and can be alternated to keep lunch times exciting as well as delicious. No longer will you be...